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London and South of United Kingdom

(Sunday 21 August 2011) by Timo and Jon
Well, we arrived safely back to the UK after a long flight with BA...then spent a few days in see some sights and update our shopping skills! We then took a train to St Austell to stay for a couple of days and to visit the Eden Project.B-)

Eden is a environmental success story, and has managed to create many different climates within biomes (large sealed domes)...we even went to the rainforest in Cornwall, imagine that! We climbed to the roof via a wobbly metal staircase suspended in the air...and boy it was even hotter up there, 50 metres above the rainforest floor!:-x

St Austell itself is a small picturesque Cornish town, with a shipmaking history and quaint harbour with tall ships...a few Cornish pasty shops and pubs serving local produce made it a very relaxing place to be.

From St Austell we took another train to Southampton where we will stay for a few nights....yesterday we went to Portsmouth and Southsea to see what it's like there now. Jon used to live here up until 1982 and hadn't been back since! Almost 30 years to catch up on!|:-)

We went first to Jon's old school, St John's (still standing after all this time), then to visit where Jon's Mum had a restaurant called Plonkers, which is now Ashby Gastropub & Boutique Hotel. We stopped here for lunch as it was quite a good deal and run by a French couple form Normandy; they also visit Jersey regularly...

Then we walked in the blazing sunshine to the beach, South Parade Pier and Canoe Lake....en route to Jon's second old home in Festing's no longer a B&B, just a private house. Then round the corner to Cousins Grove..

Jon found it very easy to remember exactly where things were...predicting that there were certain shops and businesses before the turned each corner! After then visiting Old Portsmouth and the new Gunwharf Marina...we were both very impressed at how safe and clean the city now is....:o)

After Southampton, our next stop is Rennes and then to Josselin in Brittany..:-p


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