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Canasvieiras, Ilha de Santa Catarina, Brazil

(Friday 5 August 2011) by Timo and Jon
Praia Canasvieiras, Ilha de Santa Catarina, Brazil

We are now into our last month of this incredible 12 month trip...we have been to many towns, cities, metropolosis (how DO you spell that!), and Brazil is our 17th and our last new country on this trip. We are here in Canasvieiras taking time to reflect the last 49 weeks and to plan our last 3 weeks!!!:-^

We have also - by chance - been reunited with an old (not that old!) friend Cezar - he now lives less than 1 hour from where we are staying in Brazil, after he spent a long time in London. It was a great evening chatting about the good old days in London...brought back a lot of memories from Timo's London years.7-)

Canasvieiras is a lovely spot, not quite peak season, in fact it's reasonably quiet but that's why we chose it so we can spend time finishing off our materials from the Spanish language school. We have also been taking long walks on the beach and around the town and recharging our batteries before we fly to Rio de Janeiro on Sunday (7th August). We are then in Rio for a few days before a long flight (nearly 6000 miles) back to London. 8-O8-O

It sounds incredible for us to believe that we have been to 17 countries, have taken 19 flights (+ 3 to go!), our passports are looking like they used to years ago, full of stamps and visas...we wonder if we kindly ask UK immigration will they stamp them at Heathrow on our return?|:-)|:-)

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