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Punta del Este to Ilha de Santa Catarina, Brazil

(Thursday 28 July 2011) by Timo and Jon
Adios Punta del Este y Ola Brazil;-)

From Montevideo, we took a local bus to Punta del Este, about 2 hours away along on the southern coast of Uruguay. It has a bit of an international feel to it, lots of cafes and bars and restaurants, though many not fully open as it is mid-winter fact the overnight temperature dropped to 2C on our first night...coupled with the fact we stayed in a very cheap B&B to help preserve our budget. It meant having to ask for a heater as there was no central heating, and they were in short supply! Once we got it in our room we never let it leave! A very 60s style B&B, owned by a lady with a passion for china ornaments and cats...very characteristic!:-\

Our time here passed quickly, as we snapped the famous hand statue that sits right on the beach (La Mano)...and before we knew it, we were heading to the bus station once again to catch our bus to Brazil. Before the bus, the final of the Copa America kicked off at 4pm so we found ourselves in a restaurant at the bus station, in front of a very wide screen TV and a lovely bottle of local wine and cheered on the Uruguay team. It must have worked wonders as they managed to beat Paraguay and snatch the trophy. Just as the final whistle blew, we were summonsed by a man who was not from the bus company. He was a taxi driver who said he was driving us to the next bus station as we were the only ones booked from Punta del Este. So we jumped into his brand new E class Mercedes and raced to our bus which was in town that we still don't know!:o)

Our bus trip (16 hours) began nicely with the 'cabin crew' serving whisky all round, before they served dinner. It didn't take very long for us to nod off to the gentle rolling of the bus! The only reason to wake was when our passports were delivered back to us...duly stamped 'EXITED - URUGUAY' and 'ARRIVED - BRAZIL'.:-):-)

The next morning we quickly found our apartment which we had booked, in a small bay called Canasvieiras in the Ilha (Island) of Santa Catarina. A really beautfiul spot to land ourselves in for the next 10 days.B-)B-) longer is our Spanish very useful, here they speak Portuguese with quite an accent...not that we could understand the European version very well to start with!8-O8-O

adeus idioma espanhol e portugu�s Ol�, � dif�cil!:-^:-^


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