Travel Journal

Colonia & Montevideo

(Friday 22 July 2011) by Timo and Jon
Well, we made it very quickly and safely to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay... a very cold climate at this time of the year...Colonia is a place full of history, dating back to the Spanish days when taxes were a big part of life (aren't they now too!) and also the controlling port of what they used to allow in to Buenos Aires...sounds like a lot of old fashioned smuggling! A very peaceful pace of life now...and quite high on the tourist trail.;-)

However, whilst we were here, there was a big football match between Uruguay and Argentina (not so much neighbourly love!)..and this was shown live on a big screen in the main plaza...and Uruguay won! Knocking out Argentina from the Copa America 2011...what a fantastic atmosphere!! They are now in the final against Paraguay on Sunday:o)

Then we hopped to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, it is the most southerly South American capital city and it feels like it! Bitterly cold and windy...but then again it is mid-winter...we have had a lot of sun and hot weather it makes us appreciate it even more.:-,

We are here for only a couple of days...doing the tourist stuff and enjoying the city before moving to Punta del Este (a very famous the summer!)8-O

Everything in this country works...very safe, clean and reliable...and the thing to do here is drink mate (pronounced with an accent on the 'e';-) eat steaks and empanadas...and right now, keep warm!:-)


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