Travel Journal

Adios Buenos Aires

(Friday 15 July 2011) by Timo and Jon
Well, today is our last day in Buenos Aires...we think in total we have been here for about 6 weeks, in between other places.B-)

It seems strangely odd to be leaving; we have settled here very well in our rented apartment and it feels like a second home.:-\

Anyway, we can't stay any longer as we have other places to travel to...and tomorrow we take the fast boat to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay..our first boat journey from one country to another!8-O

We also have ALL our luggage with us, as we have been lucky to have been able to store it here in Buenos Aires when we travelled to other today is another critical look at what we have...and do we need it??? The answer is probably NO, but we'll take it with us anyway!:o)

Last dinner tonight in Buenos has to be empanadas and parrilla and a bottle of wine from Mendoza region...:-p


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