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Mancora to Tumbes, Ecuador and on to Lima

(Monday 4 July 2011) by Timo and Jon
After 2 wonderful weeks in Mancora Beach it was time to pack up and get on the move again.B-)

We left Mancora by shared-minibus and were soon in Tumbes, the biggest regional capital before Ecuador. We stayed here for a couple of days and enjoyed the local small town life and food, yet another few helpings of ceviche (raw marinated seafood in lime juice with heaps of red onions)!7-)

From Tumbes we took an even older shared minibus for about 25km to Aguas Verdes, the last Peruvian town before the border. Then from here we took a tuktuk to the international bridge, then walked over and then we were in Ecuador. No many border formalities here, in fact we could have walked backwards and forwards as many times as we wanted without showing our passports. However, to keep things in order we went to both immigrations posts and had our passports stamped, just in case.8-O

Ecuador has recently changed it's currency to the US dollar for stability purposes but still makes it's own currency with Ecuadorian figures. Our trip to Ecuador was quite short as we had onward flights back to Lima, but as we were so close, just had to make a visit.:-^

We then flew back to Lima for 5 days, Jon celebrated his birthday on 1st July in Lima's Miraflores area, we stayed at a lovely hotel (paid for from Jon's Mums birthday gift...thanks Mum!) and went out for dinner in a French restaurant serving French and Peruvian specialities...and of course some wine to wash things down with! :o)

As we were in a good quality hotel, we had a good TV selection, and Wimbledon was on most mornings at 7am due to the time difference..a great start each day and it made us get up early...maybe Murray's turn next year hey?:-\

The next few days we spent doing the touristy things in Lima, the Spanish Inquisition Museum, the Catacombs of San Francisco Church and a few other places..tonight, we fly with Aerolineas Argentinas and will be back in Buenos Aires tomorrow this space!;-)


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