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Mancora Beach (updated 21 June 2011)

(Friday 17 June 2011) by Timo and Jon
We stumbled across this area purely by chance, and we think we've found a real gem.:-^

Really good weather, magical beaches, sunny days all year round, perfect waves and delicious seafood cuisine are all here in the beaches located in the north department of Piura and Tumbes, north coast of Peru. B-)

We are very close to the border with Ecuador and chose to come here due to the info we found about the climate...there is a cold stream here that effects all beaches south of Piura, keeping the water too cold for beach activities..that's why we are so far north!! :-D

It has sun all year long (300 sunny days average annually), nice temperatures without humidity. Beautiful beaches, perfect for swimming, surfing and kite surfing and relaxation. Warm sea (annual average 20C) in summer and in some winter months. :-)

It has amazing marine life, thanks to the mixture of the Humboldt and El Ni�o or Equatorial marine current in front of the Cabo Blanco coasts.|:-)

The local cuisine is based on fresh fish (tuna, grouper and marlin among others) and seafood.:-p

We are here for 2 weeks in total, staying close to the Pacific Ocean and spending time revising our Spanish. Our room faces the sea directly and has a lovely balcony too. We hear the sea when we go to sleep and we hear it and see it when we wake up.;-)

We contacted our families today and hugs and greetings to all (Happy Birthday to Jon's Dad!) and cannot send any postcards or mail from here as there isn't a post office for about 50 miles!8-O

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