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Cusco....after Machu Picchu

(Friday 17 June 2011) by Timo and Jon
Cusco (Qosq'o in Quechuan language) is at an altitude of 3300 metres, shaped like a puma, is the continent's oldest continuously habitated city, and was once the Inca empire's foremost stronghold. We decided to spend a few days here as there was a lot to see, do and enjoy in Cusco. |:-)

Altitude sickness in Cusco is a common problem, we didn't suffer too much but the first day and evening we were both short of breath, light-headed and moderate dehydration..the next day everything was fine.:-^

We found the restaurants to be of a very high standard, serving both Peruvian specialities and the usual western fare...Jon tucked into alpaca a few times (llama, and very tasty, but didn't go for cuy [roast guinea pig])>:-(

The Museo Inka is situated in one of the cities finest colonial buildings, and houses metal and gold work and pottery, textiles, art and mummies from centuries the courtyard we saw highland weavers making fabrics in the traditional method.:-\

Our B&B was was also in a colonial building with its own courtyard....and enclosed roof made it very cosy...:-,

The city of Cusco's flag which represents the 'arco iris' (rainbow) is sacred to the Incas.B-)

Jon did some impromptu language teaching to some local school kids who found the sight of us and our camera intriguing..!|:-)

On our way back from Machu Picchu we had to negotiate a taxi and thought we got a really good deal for 10 nuevos soles each (about �3), then when we were shown our taxi all the seats were full of our 10 soles fare was for a ride in the boot of the car...a bit bumpy but fun!:o)

Old cars are everywhere....and VW beetles (made in Brazil) are very common, one of the pictures shows how!:-p

Before we forget, we didn't include in our last update that completely by chance we bumped into Raymond and Suzannah, (2 fellow students from our Spanish class in Buenos Aires) whilst at Machu Picchu...and in Cusco we also (again completely by chance) bumped into another 2 students (Jimmy and Verity) from our class in Buenos just goes to show what a very small world we all live in!:-D


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