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Our weekend in Iguazu- updated 22/5/11

(Thursday 19 May 2011) by Timo and Jon
Journey from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu

This is where we broke the budget for a few days...}-)

We wanted to travel by land to Iguazu instead of flying so we could see more of the country...and as the bus was cheaper than a flight we decided to make it as comfortable as there was an option of a 1st class suite (2 flat bed seats with bedding) and personal TV screens...very comfortable indeed. It was an overnight journey of 16 hours leaving at 7pm, and soon after departure, 'in-flight' service commenced....before dinner was served the stewardess gave us a choice of drinks, water or we had our own bottle of water, guess what the choice was? A few minutes later we could hear ice clinking as if in a large jug...but no, it was our large tumblers of scotch on the rocks being carried to our far the biggest measure we have ever had...the glass was larger than the one that was permanently glued to JR's hand in every episode of Dallas! The effects of this welcome drink can be seen in one of the pictures!. Then we had dinner with wine and a film before falling into a very comfortable sleep, and before we knew it we were soon arriving in Iguazu.x-|

The town of Puerto Iguazu is small border town, there are a lot of tourists here, but the town handles the crowds well with very relaxed atmosphere. The neighbouring countries Brazil and Paraguay are reachable by a local bus. The restaurants offer the usual selection of parrilla, massive grills filled with meat, and our guidebook tells us that even the Brazilians come here to eat in restaurants and party (something to do with prices, especially petrol being lower, we think ). So dinner was the guaranteed red meat, carne roja for Jon and cuarto pollo asado (chicken) for Timo. The next morning we were fully recovered from travel and ready to explore the 7th of the world's natural wonders, the mighty Cataratas de Iguazu, ( Iguazu falls). The area is in a national park, mostly in Argentina, some of it in Brazil. We travelled to the park by local bus, in shorts and T shirts, as the day was hot, entrance to the park was 100 pesos, ( �15), this included entry and transfers with an ecological forest train, with the majority of the park covered by foot using the link bridges and stairs.|:-)

Our guidebook and the information we found locally refused to describe the waterfalls themselves, they just state they are astounding, a combination of incredible views, sounds and beauty of nature. We recommend what the guidebook says....'come and see it for yourselves' - we thought some of our photos were quite good but in reality the views and sounds cannot be captured. We enjoyed it immensely and spent far longer at the park than we envisaged (about 7 hours) was difficult to leave some of the views behind. Worth every peso! B-)B-)B-)

Today (Sunday 22 May) we are returning on the overnight bus back to Buenos Aires...this time not in 1st class!!:o)

(Note: in the album for Iguazu, there are 2 pages of photos, 30 in total);-)

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