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Eurovision expands to South America

(Sunday 15 May 2011) by Timo and Jon
Eurovision in South America??:-)

Yes, it's finally happened...:-^

Eurovision has been expanding for many years now, encompassing many countries we haven't even heard of, let alone can place on the world map.|:-)

Well, last night (or to be precise 4pm Buenos Aires time) we were preparing to try and watch Eurovision on our laptop via the internet, when Timo flicked through the 80 or so channels we have on the TV and stumbled across TVE (TV Espana) and guess what? Eurovision live in our flat here in South America!!!B-)

We had the usual Eurovision evening....with scoreboards and wine...we even received a 'phone call from Christina to join us in the Euro atmosphere..but we did not predict the outcome though....UK, Sweden, Ireland and Spain were in our top 4...Azerbaijan (and we just had to look up how to spell that) were actually near the bottom of our scoreboards...:o)

That's the beauty of Eurovision isn't it!8-O

Eurovision 2012...who's heading to Baku?:-\


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