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Our weekend in Buenos Aires

(Monday 9 May 2011) by Timo and Jon
Our weekend in Buenos Aires

Well, we made it to Friday, the end of our second week at the Spanish school! Our heads were full to bursting with new words....we said a 'ciao' to Virginia our personal tutor for the week and made plans for our weekend. Virginia has been superb...|:-)

We discovered it was Eva Peron's birthday anniversary on Saturday 7th May, so went to the cemetary at Recoleta, a few minutes walk from our apartment. There were crowds of people there with the same idea, and the amount of flowers was staggering. Even after all these years (she died in 1952 at the age of 33) there were queues of people there to pay their respects. She was a huge influence in Argentina, and fought tirelessly for workers' and womens' rights.:-^

The cemetary is a huge area - notably where the wealthy and/or famous are laid to rest.

After this, we decided to head to our favourite parrilla (local indoor barbecue/grill) and this one in particular is an eat all you can for £5 (see earlier journals!). As it was our day off we had the local wine to go with it, £3 for a bottle...after this amount of food we didn't need any dinner...just a quiet evening at home..:-O

On Sunday, (today) it was up reasonably early to hop on bus 29 to La Boca, the area that is quite under-priviledged...but where there is a lot of character...and heaps of street life...there are touristy bars and cafes...but we always seem to find somewhere more local and atmospheric...Jon couldn't resist a 'Choripan' which is a white crusty roll filled with chorizo and chimichurri sauce...all for 6 pesos (under £1) and we shared a litre of Quilmes beer for 12 pesos. A very cheap and enjoyable informal lunch! The area is famous for artists and crafts and of course is home to La Boca Juniors football club (where we went to last Monday). La Boca is 'the mouth' of the river which is the area where the first port used to be and attracted the working class immigrants. Our guide book warns it is a dangerous area day or night, but we have been during the day and at night and have felt much safer than in many other cities...B-)

Tonight? Timo has the chef's hat on and is cooking roast chicken and vegetables (pollo asado y verduras)...Timo wishes happy mothers day to all mothers in Finland (and Jon wishes the same to those in UK as he forgot about it 1 month ago, sorry Mum).:-,

A little bird tells it really Eurovision next weekend? If so, we will try and watch on the internet but not sure if it will work...we also saw snippets of Man Utd v Chelsea on the TV...Phil, is it all over??? I bet he thinks it's all over! Do Manchester United have their 'manos' on the 'copa?':o)

  • Ref 19th title win. by Phil
    • title win? really? by Jon...and...Timo

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