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Buenos Aires : La Boca Juniors v Independiente football match

(Wednesday 4 May 2011) by Timo and Jon

Through our language school we managed to get tickets for a football match to see the notoriously famous La Boca Juniors team playing at home against Independiente, both playing in the Argentinian premier league. La Boca Juniors was founded in 1905 by Italian immigrants and the ground is world famous. |:-)

'Bostero' means manure handler. This nickname originates from the horse manure used in the brick factory that occupied the ground where La Bombonera (capacity 49,000) stands. Originally it used to be an insult to Boca fans, however they decided to call themselves "it" with pride. :-^

All that you know or have read about the Argentinians being passionate about football is true, they play drums and sing songs through the game, hand gestures and shouting is all in the show. The lyrics of the songs that Boca fans sing during the game are strong, passionate and have swearwords and threats to kill the opposition. Here is an example of the milder end as we don't swear. ;-)

Senores soy de Boca
Y lo sigo a todos lados
No me importa donde juegues
Te voy a alentar
Pasan los anos, jugadores y
tambien campeonatos
Nunca va a terminar
Y vamos Boca
No podemos perder
Y vamos Boca
Que tenes que ganar
Daria la vida por un
campeonato y una vuelta mas

I'm a Boca fan
And i follow them
everywhere they go
I don't care where
you are going to play
I will cheer you up
Time goes by, players come and go
and championships are too,
But my passion will not end
And come on Boca we can't lose
And come on Boca you have to win
I would give up my life for the
And for another vuelta (*vuelta = win a championship and run around the pitch)

During the first half Timo was happily snapping away pictures, then, by chance, decided to take a short clip using the video mode, and YES, managed to record the first goal, scored by Boca! The croud went even wilder than what they already were, a great moment to have experienced. Then during the second half the opposition team scored an equaliser and the game finished 1-1. We did not witness any physical violence, but smokebombs and bags of unknown liquid were flying in the air and the fans were constantly winding each other up plus the opposition fans had a laser to confuse the Boca players and even the referee from time to time. }-)8-O

All fans were strictly segregated and it took an hour after the final whistle before our section's doors were open. All in all, a fantastic experience::-,

Y DALE! Y DALE! Y DALE BOCA DALE! ( and come on, Boca come on ! )


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