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Buenos Aires calling

(Sunday 1 May 2011) by Timo and Jon
Our first few nights in this huge city were in the very centre of Buenos Aires, near Plaza we plan to be here for a number of weeks we went flat hunting and found an ideal one just a few blocks away with all mod cons....TV, DVD, WiFi, fully fitted kitchen, balcony and a bath tub...heaven!! There is even a laundry and swimming pool on ground floor...we have settled in well here, very close to the metro station, even though we tend to walk everywhere.:-)

We were invited for drinks and nibbles at our friends Steve and Rusty (from Orlando)...and as they were staying at a hotel with a few stars more than us, we couldn't refuse! We were served a never-ending flow of drinks from the executive was a great night...thanks guys....;-)

Last week we started our proper Spanish lessons in Avenida de Mayo at a language school. It was a shock to our systems to have to be somewhere at an exact time...classes started at 9.00 sharp, a very small group, very intensive immersion in Spanish language. We managed to complete 20 hours last week and our cabezzas (heads) were nearly ready to explode! Then it was Easter weekend (we only found this out a few days before!), so the city was very quiet which gave us the opportunity to get out and about without the crowds...B-)

We visited San Telmo, an area full of artists, markets and where the affluent used to live; then spent time at the Puerto Madero, the modernised old port of BA...lots of cafes and restaurants here with very different prices to the local ones we go to.:-^

We also went to Palermo Soho where the good and quite pricey restaurants are located...there was a different feeling about this place...however, when we were there it was tipping down with rain...and as it was Saturday (our day off from gym and Spanish) we ran into a local-looking place for a bite to eat. As it was raining we didn't even look to see what was on offer...when we sat down there were no menus..only a sign to say 'eat all you can' for $33 pesos...about £6 each. This was actually a local parrilla (grill) and all manner of meats were included in the price! We also washed it down with some local Malbec (white wine) at £3 a bottle. Yum bloody yum....:-p

During this week we also joined a local gym, for 1 month, and have been every's hard work but it needed doing. Also, apparently it's winter time here..we manage to get around in t-shirts and still get hot whilst the locals have 3 or 4 layers plus scarves and gloves on!:-?

Also this week we have been having our own Spanish lessons at home, in preparation for next week when we return to the school with a private tutor.|:-)

We have 2 surprises in store next this space...:o)

Nuestras primeras noches en esta ciudad enorme estaban en el centro de Buenos Aires, cerca de plaza Congreso…
Estamos en BA hasta 02 Junio, entonces hemos alquilado un apartiamento en el centro, con TV, DVD, WiFi, cocina, balcón, hay un lavadero y piscina en la planta…
Comenzamos la semana pasada nuestras lecciones españolas en Avenida de Mayo en una escuela de idiomas. Era un choque a nuestros sistemas a tener que estar en la clase a las 9.00.
La semana proxima, en que volvemos a la escuela con un profesor particular privado.

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