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Buenos Aires...arrival

(Friday 15 April 2011) by Timo and Jon
Don't cry for me Argentina:-)

Mendoza to Buenos Aires

We left Mendoza on an overnight bus, leaving 6pm, and again had booked the same seats in the front row upstairs with panoramic windows in front of us, a 14hr planned duration. Only by watching the never ending vineyards did we realize how massive the area is, a lot of wine is produced in this area!
After sunset, as entertainment during the bus ride a game of bingo took place, hosted by cabin staff (good practise in spanish numbers for us!), then a film, supper and a 20 min stop somewhere en route, followed by another film, this took the journey well into the night and time to catch some sleep...
In the morning we experienced the full picture of the road manner in a latin country, our arrival to Buenos Aires centre was delayed by Friday morning rush and the 14 hour journey turned slowly into a 16 hour one! On arrival at the main bus station there was a large area of 'shanty-like' housing - a bit of a surprise for us...we thought we had seen it all in India.

It is a huge city...2.7 million in the city itself but 12 million with the surrounding areas..

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