Travel Journal


(Friday 15 April 2011) by Timo and Jon
Mendoza was flattened by an earthquake many years ago and completely destroyed. When it was rebuilt they designed wide streets and avenues to colect any debris should another earthquake occur. This has made the city feel very open spaces with wide bouvlevards, cafes with outside eating, parks and a lot of natural light. The weather was already different, much warmer than it was in within the hour we were back in shorts and sandals and t-shirts...typical tourists!!! :-)

The streets were very colourful, due to the old cars that were being lovingly maintained (some only held together with masking tape!), Timo spotted lots of very old cars American and European. Some he hadn't seen actually moving around a city for a long time.B-)

Everywhere we looked on our first walk down the streets were wine cafes serving the local we wasted no time in testing what they all rave about...Argentinean wine, locally produced selling at a very low price, (£2 per bottle, chilled and served in the outdoor terrace on the main street) and better than the ones we have tried at home...we think their wine quality is going in the right direction.:-p

We were in Mendoza for 3 days and on our last day we took the loacl to Maipu - a town 17km from Mendoza) surrounded by vineyards...vines growing everywhere you look, and trucks full of grapes leaving the fields. Our 3 days went very quickly, could have spent more time here, but we had already booked our next bus journey from Mendoza to Buenos Aires. ;-)


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