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Santiago...updated 25 March 2011

(Tuesday 22 March 2011) by Timo and Jon
From New Zealand to Santiago

All too quickly it was time to say goodbye to New was a lovely place, a lovely time and lovely people...nothing negative to say...all was as good as we had heard...the natural beauty is breath-taking..:-)

We had a relaxing morning in Auckland before heading to the airport for our flight to Santiago with LAN (Chilean national airline). We had a couple of hours spare so spent them plane-spotting at the airport and saw an Emirates A380, like the one we flew with Qantas...We also saw the departures board and 2 flights to London, 1 via Hong Kong and 1 via Los Angeles and both took about the same time...what a decision....We were very impressed with LAN - so far the best service we have fact we had to turn down offers of more red wine from the cabin unusual!!! :o)

Our flight touched down 40 minutes before the Obamas - though they probably weren't seated in economy class (and they were only in Chile for 20 hours before heading to El Salvador):-*

We arrived safely into Santiago after a 10.5 hour flight (a bit shorter than scheduled) however...we went from being 11 hours ahead of UK time (9 ahead of Finland time) to being 3 hours behind UK time (5 hours behind Finland time) and landed before we took off due to crossing the international dateline...all in all a bit disorientating (what red wine?) and the first time we have suffered from 'jet-lag' - it took us a couple of days to adjust but now everything is ticketyboo.B-)

We spent the afternoon (yesterday) trekking [our new hobby] 2.9 kilometres (485 metres uphill) to Cerro San Cristobal to arrive at 'Our Mother of Santiago' or 'Oracion a la Madre de Santiago' or for the Chileans 'Oracao a Mae de Santiago' [some accents are missing due to our laptop!]. It was a wonderful spot, very tranquil with fantastic views and soothing the open air church at the top....and cool which was great as we were extremely hot after the trek!;-)

The city of Santiago is modern, young, vibrant and the place we first stayed in [Bellavista] was extremely lively, a big student area with lots of busy, busy bars full of students and not a sign of much studying except from the bottom of their glasses! They certainly know how to kick start the new university term! Lots of people selling food and street stalls all busy with customers - even at the traffic lights there are street performers strutting their stuff, jugglers, dancers, drummers and so even when stuck in traffic there is something to keep you occupied! the latin way we think!8-O

Living the 'vida loca':o)

We are in Santiago until Monday (28th March) then we head off by bus to Valparaiso on the coast, where we will finalise our plans for the rest of our time in South America..:-D

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