Travel Journal

Auckland - part 2!

(Saturday 19 March 2011) by Timo and Jon
Coromandel Peninsula

We arrived here after a short drive (3 hours) from Lake Rotorua...and found our new a holiday park right on Hahei Beach. Pure white sands and not as-warm-as-we-are-used-to sea temperature! Here we stayed for 2 nights so that we could explore Emerald Bay, Gemstone Bay and Cathedral Cove. These 3 places are only accessible by a long trek which we are getting used to now...remote pristine coves and beaches that are totally unspoilt ...really worth the effort of a 1 hour each-way trek...

We also had to visit Hot Water Beach - this is renowned for it's natural hot water that filters through the sand around low tide...and to have your free 'spa' you must dig a big hole in the sand to help the hot water rise...we think it's just a plot to let adults be like kids again by letting them loose with spades and throwing sand around all over the place! It was great fun - hard on the back but great fun! One reminder of it was a burned little toe for Jon...the water got so hot - it could have been worse..the toes could have been sliced off by the frantic digging!

Hmmm...and there are a few sheep in NZ...just perfect for Jon...the lamb tastes just beautiful here.. and Kiwi fruit? well there are whole Kiwi farms here....and they grow in odd triangular shaped domes.

Timo loved the driving (first time we have driven for 4 months) and the scenery and winding roads and ease of driving was a pleasure...

Now we are back in Auckland after returning the car...and here for the weekend before we fly to Santiago, Chile on Monday....


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