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Surfer's Paradise...Gold Coast...and back to Sydney - updated 02 March 2011

(Friday 25 February 2011) by Timo and Jon
We flew to Brisbane, again with Qantas, which is growing in popularity with us - then a funny thing happened, we were travelling east (and north), but we had to turn our watches back in time by 1 hour! Sydney is in AWST= Australian Western Standard Time and Brisbane is AEST (1 hour back due to daylight saving):-^

We stayed only a short time in seems to be recovering quite well from the tropical storms in February when they had severe flooding in the city centre.

From Brisbane we took the train to Gold Coast, then by bus to Surfer's Paradise.....and easily found our flat that we had booked for 5 days. The flat was lovely...1 bedroom, with a bathroom, lounge, kitchen and balcony...overlooking the main beach on Surfer's Paradise and the South Pacific Ocean! What a great spot...and we were lucky as we booked it on the internet with little information to hand!:-)

The first thing we did was to go to 'Woolworths' (yes they are still very much in business here) to buy our provisions...and the first thing we noticed was how expensive food is here...Jersey is pricey but this takes the biscuit....A$5 for 2 litres of milk...A$4 for a loaf of bread...and this was a cheap supermarket...then we saw the TV and heard the average weekly salary is about A$1200 per week (about £750 or 885 euros) the average person has a fair bit of money to spend...8-O

Surfer's Paradise is (as you would expect) full of surfers...more so at the weekend...and most of them are early twenties...not an ounce of fat on them...wearing their designer shorts and sunglasses and that's about footwear in sight! It seems to be a very affluent address in Queensland. The people are so friendly..polite, laid back and 'happy go lucky', even those without a surfboard under their arm! We were thinking of having surfing lessons but the waves were enormous and it looked like it was not the best place for a novice to learn.:o)B-)

After 5 days here...we returned to Sydney, by train, plane and automobile...and landed in the city centre at King's Cross, this time a self-catering studio flat, which has everything we need.B-)

Jon is reminiscing about the time when he lived here back in 1988 (23 years ago!). Many of the streets are familiar and where we are now is only 3 miles from where he used to live near Bondi Junction...and we are off to Bondi Beach in the next day or so!:-^

King's Cross is very lively, cosmopolitan and reminds us both of Soho in London...a very colourful area of the city!;-)

We have the chance to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb...Timo is very interested...Jon is not so keen due to his fear of heights...and has already offered to stay with both feet on the ground and take some photos...let's see how that pans out!8-O

The biggest party in Sydney's calendar takes place this's the reason we are here right now...the Mardi Gras festival (see attached link if you are interested in reading more about this:

Obviously, we will update with photos of this as soon as the festival is over, and before we head further on east to North Island, New Zealand on 7th March.;-)

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