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Sydney - Part 1

(Tuesday 22 February 2011) by Timo and Jon
Two queens arrived at Sydney Harbour (The Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary - two famous massive cruise liners)0:-)

We also had a great flight to Sydney (from Singapore) with Qantas by the new Airbus A380. It really was a fantastic experience....even in economy class we could almost stretch out flat....great seats, food, service, entertainment via the laptop sized screens made the journey whizz by. The aircraft is huge...however no noises, either on take off or landing to mention. A very smooth far our best a long way.... ;-)

We arrived late Marriott hotel in central Sydney...and it seems the late arrival works well for us...we were upgraded yet again to a terrace room with kitchen and a huge terrace...about the size of a Jersey apartment!B-)

Today we spent some time by Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge (and saw the two queens as mentioned above)...took lots of photos...however....we are off to Brisbane tomorrow and have left a bag in storage - complete with our camera cannot put any photos up yet! We will do so on our return (on or after 1/3/11):-D

Today we saw the awful news about the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. We were planning to be there in 3 weeks time...but we'll see how that goes...may need to adjust our plans..:-^

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