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Bali - updated 18/2/10!

(Tuesday 8 February 2011) by Timo and Jon
Our 11 nights in Kuala Lumpur flew by so quickly and soon it was time to be on the move again, we travelled back to Singapore by bus, on Sunday 6th February. Unknown to us the Sunday was the busiest return travel day for onroad traffic between these 2 cities (both ways!) after the Chinese New Year and the supposed 5.5hr trip turned out to be 9.5hrs!! (in a bus without a toilet), so we were tired and in need of good rest - then and as if by magic on arrival at the hotel, late as it was, we were given a massive suite instead of a standard room which we had booked! (we had to include 1 photo of the room!)B-)

The next day back to Changi Airport and went to the currency exchange desk to buy some Indonesian Rupiah. We traded in some Singapore dollars and were given 1 Million Rupiah...the lady at the desk congratulated us on now being millionaires...though in reality it was about �66 worth. We then took a short flight to a new country to both of us: Indonesia. We took an Air Asia flight to the tropical island of Bali. We bought visas on arrival, smooth process once you flash enough US$ in cash and we were picked up by a pre booked driver to a lovely villa, which we had booked and paid in May last year! This place is beautiful, has a pool, sunbathing areas, outdoor sofas....our room even has two huge 4 poster beds! The pool is a godsend as the nearest beaches (on the Indian Ocean) are more geared to surfers with huge waves and the swimming is not especially safe.

Bali is much larger than we thought it would be....and the temperature....well we thought India was hot...but here it is absolutely roasting, day time is 32-36C, night time 25-27C and this time of year is quite wet with heavy short downpours....lots of thunder and lightening...lovely to watch when we are on the terrace.:-)

Our hosts at the villa recommended a restaurant for our first night so we took their advice and went to 'Manneken Pis'...after all the Indian cuisine...a western meal with ice cold chardonnay was just general the food here is of a high standard...lots of western options, fusion and Indonesian....we usually opt for the latter as it is so tasty and cheap. The local food is spiced with fresh ingredients, chilli, herbs and lots of vegetables...yum!:-p

We visited a Hindu temple and the cultural centre of Bali, a town called Ubud...full of arts, crafts, fabrics and furniture....lovely stuff but we can't take any of it with us! To get Ubud we hired a car with a driver but during one of the stops he went missing for about 45 minutes and guess what? we didn't know his name or his telephone number....he eventually returned to our great relief.. We think he was having a sleep somewhere....8-O

2 kilometres from our villa is a memorial to the people who lost their lives in the Bali terrorist attacks in 2002...the memorial is on the site where one of the 2 bombs exploded...they were in a popular tourist bar Paddy's and the Sari night club, packed with happy holidaymakers. We have been to some bars quite close and it does make you think....:-(

We did manage to fit in some Spanish lessons, just to brush up on our existing knowledge...hola!|:-)

Bali is jam-packed with surfing Aussie's...(and some who are here for the beer and nightlife) which is a good introduction for us, as our next stop is Sydney, Australia (via an overnight at Changi...for the 3rd time....immigration will be wondering what on earth we are doing!)

G'day and see you Down Under sport...

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