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From Varkala to Kovalam

(Wednesday 12 January 2011) by Timo and Jon
New Year partying with Hidras !:-)

Hidras are presented as 3rd sex in India, transvestites and Eunuchs, castrated soon after birth,,,, They normally appear uninvited in wedding parties and in parties after the birth of male child, they perform traditional dances. On New Year's Eve after we had our 12 course meal we headed to a party where we were invited by some Danish friends, in their resort in Varkala, and there the Hidras were!! And after a few Mojitos every body was dancing around a big fire as the year changed, so that was one to remember!!:o)

The rest of our stay in Varkala went quietly and we resumed Spanish lessons after recovering from the party. We also went to a Hindu temple in Varkala and observed them preparing for worship.

Our Christmas presents to each other was to buy a taxi ride from Varkala to Kovalam, about 55km distance, went smoothly in a new airconditioned Tata Manza.
Kovalam has proved to be quite different to the description in the Lonely Planet's guide, it's not as big, certainly not the biggest resort in India, a lot nicer, cleaner and the sea wonderful, clear water (yes, it can be found in the Arabian sea) and has a manageable current, smaller waves in places than in Varkala, so swimming, including morning swims is now firmly in our daily routine.B-)

We also had friends (Ian and Andy) over from the UK visiting India and they too were in Kovalam from 8th til 12th we went out every night for drinks and dinner and we think we boosted the colourful side of Kovalam Beach!!:o):-)

We hope Ian and Andy arrive at their next destination in good order after the Indian wine we managed to find in the local shop!:-^

We are now staying in Kovalam until 21 more photos to follow soon..

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