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Christmas Greetings!!!

(Friday 24 December 2010) by Timo and Jon
Xmas message from India!

Well, it's almost the festive season here, it's 11am on Christmas Eve and the resorts, bars and restaurants are finally putting up the Xmas's been very low key here until now, not like Europe when it's been going on for at least 2 months build up!!

Varkala is beach resort full of local eateries offering fresh seafood that they cook in front of you....we've seen massive tunas, huge prawns and pomfret (sea bass), and red snapper and kingfish on ice outside restaurant. B-)

There are a few beaches based at the foot of steep cliffs, one is black due to the sand, the other more sun and huge waves to dive into.B-)

There are a few funny names to the places...3 places along from where we are staying is called 'Santa Claus Resort' and we even ate last night at the ABBA restaurant (quite a few Swedish people here).:-)

We are very happy here, and just checked the date and cannot believe it's almost 4 months since we started our travels....time is most definitely still feels new and fresh probably because we are going to new places all the time. Eating out (ie no cooking or washing up) is a real privilege that we value highly.:-*

So, in the absence of traditional Christmas cards, we both wish you all a lovely, peaceful and healthy Christmas wherever you are....for us it is more than Christmas to's Timo's birthday tomorrow, and also our 9th anniversary since we met. :-)

We will be heading out for another great meal tonight, and may even splash out on a bottle of wine to celebrate properly.:-x

Of course we will call our families at some stage during Christmas Day....until then... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! xx :o):o)

PS. we have yet another Indian mobile number (0091 963 323 9088) which can make and receive calls...however it does not accept overseas texts...

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