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South Goa to Kerala

(Friday 24 December 2010) by Timo and Jon
From South Goa to Kerala

(firstly, our new credit cards and some early Xmas cards were safely received thanks to Phil and Christina and DHL - a very swift service!)

We left Goa (Margao) on 12th December by overnight sleeper train (850km - 14 hours) bound for Ernakulam Junction (which is the transport hub for Kochin). The journey was smooth....we had air con and meals were brought to our seats, then they were changed into full length beds with bedding and we both managed to get a good few hours sleep. From here we took a rickshaw to Fort Cochi and stayed for 3 nights. The rickshaw even had Man United on it, Phil will be proud of that!0:-)

Fort Cochi -an Island linked by 2 road bridges - has a long history of colonial influence by the Dutch (we visited the Dutch Palace) and the Portuguese, in terms architecture, spice trade and a large port for shipping around the world. There is also a Jewish Quarter with a synagogue right in the centre. We saw Chinese fishing nets in operation (4 men to tackle the heavy weights), goats roaming freely everywhere (which is strangely called 'mutton' in the restaurant menus).

We also went to see Kathakali performance which is a dance mainly using facial expressions and hand gestures. Heavy make up helps to define the movements. The plots are linked to historic Hindu rituals, also using disguises. We even hopped on stage ourselves but only for a photo :-)

We also had to find a cash machine as the ones that were near where we stayed didn't work, and hopped on the ferry to the mainland (Ernakulam). Luckily we found the South Punjab Bank which replenished the rupee pot. Whilst there, we went to a local restaurant full of Indian business people and ordered 'thalli' which is a kind of all-you-can-eat rice and 5-sauce-dish lunch. In Kerala the locals eat with their right hand, rolling the rice into the sauces. Needless to say we got some cutlery otherwise we would have got ourselves into a bit of a mess. The flavours were fantastic and all this for 65 rupees each (about 90p).

After 3 days here, it was time to head south - as we had a few places to visit before settling in a beach area for the Christmas period.:-D

Next stop..Alleppey and the famous Keralan backwaters....

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