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From Mumbai to South Goa

(Tuesday 16 November 2010) by Timo and Jon
The actual process of buying a train ticket is very different from what we are used to. You have to complete a form, including the train number, date and class of travel. You then take your form to window 52 (the foreigners' counter) to get your ticket. The 'Lonely Planet' suggested 2nd class with Air Con so we went with that. :-D

We got to Mumbai Central Station at 6am (just in case we needed any extra time) and found our platform easily. Even at 6am there were people absolutely everywhere...The train system is here excellent...our names and seat numbers were pasted onto the side of the carriage. The train trip from Mumbai to Goa was a real experience. We had a 2 berth 'cabin' which was an upper and lower bed, the lower one being a seating area when not sleeping. The ticket was around £15 for a 12 hour journey, and every type of nourishment came through the carriages every few minutes, tea, coffee, biryani, samosas, fruit...- you name it they had it (except beer!):-^

Lots of great scenery as the landscape changed from Mumbai City to the coast. The train took much longer than we eventually arrived into Margao station about 3 hours late.:-O

We are now in a small coastal town in Southern Goa called's very simple, a few tourists and great value...the place we are staying at works out about £5 a's got 2 beds a private loo and shower and a small when we found this we decided to stay a few weeks here to help the budget!
Breakfast and lunch costs about £1 each and dinner (sometimes with wine) costs about £2-3 each.
We are keeping ourselves busy with reading, and every day we do either a Spanish lesson or some keep fit....
We also go to the beach most days...the beach is very clean, wide and pretty deserted....lines of beach shacks give free sun loungers and mattresses in return for our business. They deliver ice cold mineral water and lovely noodle soups to our beach table for about £1 each..;-)

The monsoon should have finished about 3 weeks ago...but the last few days the rain has unexpectedly we left the beach around 3pm accompanied by thunder and the time we got half way back to our hotel we were completely caught in a torrential downpour! 2 drowned rats!
We have lots of animals everywhere around us here....they all roam freely....apart from the dogs (all very friendly luckily), there are lots of pigs (and piglets) wandering around eating whatever they find.....chickens....and on the beach the cows wander up and down in groups of 10 or so...a very odd thing to see....:-?

We have had our share of mosquito bites...but we have repellant and the medication so we don't get ill, and now the bites are much less and not so sore....>:-(

It's now 15 November and winter seems a long way from here.....+35c most days and not much cooler at night...
We guess Xmas and X factor are gathering speed......we will also get a new mobile number in India...the ones we have don't work...we will put the number on this website once we get it sorted.

We will probably stay here for another week or 2 (except for a 2 day trip to North Goa) and will add a few more pics shortly..0:-)B-)

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