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Heathrow calling Mumbai!

(Monday 8 November 2010) by Timo and Jon
London - Heathrow

We arrived at our Heathrow hotel in the afternoon and made use of the gym until Alan, Monika, Jack and Lily arrived a bit later...then all 6 of us went for a swim - waterbombing and throwing each other around, completely scaring off the other guests...we know how to get our own private pool in future!!

After that we went over to the traditional pub opposite for a final English pub meal. It was great with some rather cheap and drinkable house wine for good measure and a game of pool. Then a mini party in Alan's room made the night a bit later than we envisaged.

The next morning was an early start.....farewells to Alan, Monika, Jack and Lily (twice!) then to terminal 5. The bus took forever to get there and then security queue took even longer so we didn't get any free time to really look at what is so great about the new terminal. Maybe next time.....

Our 1st long haul flight was BA, direct to Mumbai...about 8 hours, smooth uneventful flight...meals were chicken curry or vegetable curry.....a good introduction to what's in store...

Our arrival in Mumbai was much easier then we thought, landed around 1am, and our taxi driver was waiting for us with our names on display and suddenly we were in the Mumbai traffic, even at night time it made London driving seem extremely calm and easy...(Mumbai population is 16.4 million!)

Hotel fine, basic and cheap and has everything we need. Restaurant next door open til 4am....great food...everything so cheap...dinner 85p and a large cold beer (when it's available) for 90p.

4 nights in Mumbai, sight seeing (Gate of India, Victoria Terminus and the famous Taj Palace hotel where the terrorist shootings, fire and siege took place [now very much repaired and open for business]).

Mumbai - heat, smell, crowds, atmosphere, food, rich, even richer, poor, even poorer, colourful, and in the middle of this a cow sitting amongst the traffic....a great city...but time to move on..tomorrow we have a 6.45am train to catch to South Goa...which should take about 12 this space!!


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