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Return to Josselin....before heading to Rennes and Paris...

(Monday 18 October 2010) by Timo and Jon
news flash!!!
The passports complete with Indian Visas were safely delivered to us in Torreguadiaro from the Indian Embassy in Madrid...our worries about not understanding the process were unfounded...'namaste' (hello in India)!:-D

We left Torreguadiaro and drove as far as we could on the first day....after 9.5 hours we rested for the night just north of Burgos, in a bates-style motel full of truck drivers and cheap food and wine. It was also the time when the Chilean miners were being rescued so live TV in the bar proved a great heart-warming evening for all. B-)

The next day, an early start as we had even longer to drive. We drove along the same road that the pilgrims walk to Santiago de Compostela....there were lots of determined walkers doing their thing. There is a shortage of petrol in France right now, and the price is 1.55 euros per litre, so we made sure to fill up in Spain and at a price of 1.16 euros...every little helps the budget!! This tank of petrol got us all the way to Brittany, and took almost 11 hours but we made it without doing another overnight stop. An early night and dreams of hurtling along motorways at top speed kept us in the land of nod for a good few hours!:-^

The next day, Jon's Dad and Barbara arrived and as the weather is much cooler here we lit the fire and had some warm red wine around the fire....then off to dinner in the village before dropping Dad and Barbs back to the Hotel du Chateau.:-,

The next day (Saturday) is market day and the town is full of stalls selling fresh produce, clothes and handmade crafts's also very busy and parking limited on market day, so we cycled into the village and met Dad and Barbs for lunch in the new Bistro that opened this year....yum!!

A text arrived from Jon's sister in law (Christina) that our tickets for Lada Gaga concert had arrived in Jersey - the concert is in 5 days time so we had to pull a rabbit out of the hat to ensure they reached us in time as we leave for Paris soon....Liliana who works with Phil and Christina kindly hopped on the midday Condor to St Malo with tickets in hand.....what a star!! She only had about 2.5 hours in France but we made sure she went back fed and watered in return for doing us this great favour....:-)

Today (18th Oct) is our last day in Josselin, as we take the local bus to Rennes tomorrow morning, before heading to Paris on 21st (and to see GAGA on 22nd in Bercy stadium - watch this space!!). Later we will be packing our rucksacks for the longer travelling....this will kickstart the long haul parts of our journey. Jon popped next door and sweet talked our old neighbour into give us a lift to the bus stop - no more driving, 3400 miles is more than enough! the trusty car will be having a nice break herself.


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