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Rome and end of Spain trip :(

(Friday 15 October 2010) by Timo and Jon
Arrived after a good drive, to Jon's brother's house in Torreguadiaro, Southern Spain. It's a great house right on the beach with sea views on 3 levels and distant views of north Africa, and the huge rock of Gibraltar to the right. The first night Lyndon took us to the local tapas bar which was a great start to this part of our trip in Andalusia...lots of tasty local tapas, seafood, vino blanco, and a Spanish brandy to ensure our first night's sleep was undisturbed.....:-)

We spent a few days acclimatising, as summer weather is still in full swing here. The first few days were over 30c with mild nights of about 18c....we spent many days on the beach, sunbathing, walking but not so much swimming as the sea is absolutely's so close to the Atlantic that the warm Mediterranean waters are a long way from here!!:-\

Various day trips to Tarifa (a big windswept Atlantic surfing and watersports resort), La Linea de la Concepcion and to Las Palmeras to buy our travelling rucksacks, for when we get rid of the car!!!:-D

On 6th October we flew to Rome for a short stay, and had great fun avoiding Vespas and other traffic that clog the city's streets. We did a lot of the tourist stuff, Trevi fountain, a load of other fountains that the city is full of, cathedral, and the Vatican. We got to the Vatican early to avoid the crowds but it appeared everyone else had the same idea and got there at least an hour before we did and the queues to get into the Vatican museum would have been at least 3 hours. This was also the first time we had worn jeans, shoes and socks as the Vatican are very strict on shorts/vest wear. It was also incredibly hot in the main piazza, at one time the temperature topped 36c. The whole city is full of nuns - some wearing black, brown, beige and even blue (Blue Nun? we thought the same!!!). We are not sure what the colours mean but think it may be some kind of judo/karate rating system;-)

Now back in Torreguadiaro for a couple more days, leaving here on 13th October for a long drive back to Josselin, Brittany where we will sort out our stuff for travelling and meet up with Jon's Dad and Barbara for catch up and glass of vino perhaps......

This is going to be a long drive...we have just notched up over 2000 miles and still have another 1000 miles to go before the car can rest in Brittany whilst we head off to India...


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