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Southern Spain

(Friday 1 October 2010) by Timo and Jon
Well, we have certainly done some driving in Spain, already the car has passed 1500 miles and we have a long way to go yet.
2 fantastic weeks in Valencia passed in the click of a finger, we visited the usual places, poking our heads into all the churches, beaches, markets and every other day taking the 'menu del dia', 3 courses including coffee and wine for 7 euros each. Long live the credit crunch as it's really helping our budget.

On 24-27 September we had a 3 nights stay in Benidorm. Yes there are lots of fish and chip joints and a certain 'kiss-me-quick' atmosphere in some places, but generally it's a lot more european than the TV programme made out. We did see a lot of very suntanned people whizzing around on mobility scooters though!!
The architecture wasn't really what you would call quaint. Our hotel plonked us on the 18th floor so Jon rarely went onto the balcony for fear of losing his breakfast.:-x

27 September we drove to Lo Pogan (San Pedro del Pinatar) to experience the mud baths. We walked along a breakwater where on one side it was enclosed water with lots of people hanging about on wooden jetties. On closer inspection these people were completely covered in thick black mud and were drying themselves in the hot sun. We wasted no time in getting in the water and scooping up handfuls of thick mud and covering ourselves in the stuff. The health benefits are reported to be varied, and the mud contains so many different natural minerals and salts, it certainly smelt like it was doing some good!! We then joined the other 'mud caked sun bakers' to let the stuff dry - at this point the skin was so tight and our knees, hands and elbows resembled the skins of a very dry 70 year old elephant....time to wash this stuff off!!! We both felt so much healthier afterwards so it must have done some good....:-D

We then drove on for an overnight stop in Murcia.....on way now to Jon's brother Lyndon's in Sotogrande, Andalucia;-)

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