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The updated itinerary....changing as we go...Spain - Zaragoza, Valencia

(Tuesday 14 September 2010) by Timo and Jon
Itinerary as follows but does change a bit as we travel around:

1-7 Sept - Josselin (Brittany)
7-8 Sept - Nantes
8-9 Sept - Bordeaux
9-10 Sept - Zaragoza
10-24 Sept– Valencia
24-28 Sept - Benidorm
28 Sept til 6 Oct – Malaga
6-9 Oct – Rome
9-12 Oct – Malaga
12-21 Oct – Josselin/Rennes (Brittany)
21-24 Oct – Paris
24-27 Oct – Brussels
27-30 Oct – London
30 Oct – 5 Nov – Mumbai
5 Nov – 6 Feb – Kerala / South India
6-21 Feb – Bali
21-23 Feb – Sydney
23 Feb – 1 Mar – Brisbane
1-7 Mar – Sydney
7-21 Mar – NZ (North)
21 Mar - August 2011 - Chile and rest of SA.

We made it safely to Valencia with our trusty Ford Focus who is sitting outside our hotel near the city centre. She is doing her bit to promote Jersey, being the only foreign registered car in sight! :-^

It took us an extra 30 minutes to find the hotel, and unfortunately can't blame the Sat Nav (Hyacinth) this time. Jon admits to tapping in a slightly mis-spelt street name. We are sure there must be a course that shows people how to use Sat Nav properly.>:-(

The weather here is superb...every day has been 28, 29 or 30c...and about 20c overnight...haven't worn long trousers or proper shoes since we arrived.:o)

Yesterday and today, we have undertaken a tough challenge....negotiating our way through the Spanish system of applying for an Indian visa through the Madrid issuing office. This is all being done from Valencia. Given that our Spanish is currently only good enough to be polite to people and order food and drinks, it's going to be tough!:-\
The problem is we need our passports constantly - we fly to Rome on 6/10/10 and need to get them back before then. There is a 15 days processing time to factor in too....coupled with the Spanish 'manana' .............we will keep you posted.....:-D

We are here til 24th September, then we drive down to Benidorm for a few nights. We hope to have the Benidorm 'perma-tan' in place by the time we arrive!;-)

Then onto Malaga to visit Jon's brother Lyndon...
adios for now...hasta luego....

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